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Statistical consulting from the Section of Biostatistics

You may book a 20 minute meeting with a consultant. We have six 20 minute slots available each Tuesday and Friday between 13.00 and 14.20. Please read the instructions below to see if you are eligible for a meeting with a consultant before making a booking, see the bottom of this page. You are only allowed to book one consultation at a time; multiple bookings will be deleted.

Before the consultancy

We recommend that Master and PhD-students prepare the statistical
question(s) together with their main supervisor(s).

Who is eligible for statistical consulting at the Section of Biostatistics?

  • PhD students and students at the Faculty of Health Sciences, incl. clinical departments
  • Full professors, Associate professors, Assistant professors, Postdocs, research assistants and clinical assistants at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Which types of consulting services are offered?

  • Consulting concerning small and very specific statistical issues
  • Assessment of whether planned research is reasonable and practicable from a statistical point of  view. Discussions of future needs for statistical analysis of specific projects
  • Instruction allowing the client to carry out simple analyses, the results of which are then interpreted in collaboration with the statistician
  • Statistical analysis for the client can only very rarely be performed. Such analysis, carried out at the Department, may be relevant in cases where the extent of the analysis is small or in cases where the nature of the research falls within the scientific interests of the Department. The Department's involvement in specific projects is decided on a case by case basis
  • Interpretation of referee reports and assessment of the need for further statistical analysis. In cases where the clients themselves are referees for a journal, the Department may be able to assist with statistical guidance.
  • Clients are given consulting service in the same order as the requests are made which means that some waiting time may be anticipated.

Book a consultation below, but please read the above instructions before booking a session.